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Songs from Henry VIII The Musical

Featuring the vocal talents of Mike Hibbert (King Henry), Liberty Anstead (Catherine of Aragon), Lydia White (Anne Boleyn), Aimee Roe (Jane Seymour), Amelia James-Phillips (Anne of Cleves), Elysia Wells (Catherine Howard), Issy Bright (Katherine Parr), Paul Harris (Cromwell) and Robert O’Sullivan, Maya Ellis, Josh Garwood, Fenella Thomson, Matthew Richardson, Hannah O’Sullivan and Eddie Copeland (Townsfolk, Soldiers and other chorus parts). Drums by George Addison-Atkinson, keyboards by Paul Harris, guitars by Eddie Copeland, produced by Matthew Jones.

Song Details

1 – God Save The King – The Coronation party sings at the crowning of King Henry
2 – Taxed – The Townsfolk wonder aloud if their new King will be any better than his father
3 – Life Is So Sweet – Henry and Aragon sing about their future plans for a family
4 – Fight For King And Crown – Henry’s soldiers march off for war with France
5 – Where Is My Boy – Henry laments the absence of a son as his impatience for a male heir grows
6 – Leave Him Be – Aragon confronts Boleyn over rumours of her affair with the King
7 – Wait And See – Boleyn wonders if she will ever have the life she dreams of with Henry
8 – Let’s Agree To Disagree – Married life for Henry and Boleyn turns out to be harder than either supposed
9 – Now That You’re Gone – Henry mourns for the loss of this third wife, Jane Seymour, the one he loved the most


10 – King Henry’s In A Mess – Henry’s subjects gather to discuss the many shortcomings of their King
11 – I Don’t Like What I See – Henry blames Cromwell when he doesn’t like the look of his new wife, Anne of Cleves
12 – I’m Still Young – Henry’s fifth wife, Catherine Howard, shares with her ladies in waiting that life as Henry’s queen is not all that she was promised
13 – More Bearable – Henry’s sixth wife, Katherine Parr, comforts the ailing King
14 – Henry’s Nightmare – Henry’s six wives return to haunt his dreams in his final hours
15 – Farewell / God Bless King Henry – The people of England assemble to mark the death of the King
16 – D.B.D.D.B.S. – Time for bows and encores!