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Songs from Henry VIII The Musical

Below is a small selection of sample tracks from Henry VIII The Musical. All the songs are performed by the show’s original cast members, aged 13-18. These examples are sung to piano or backing tracks – the actual show features a seven-piece live band.

Life Is So Sweet

Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon sing a sickly sweet duet shortly after their marriage. Little does Henry realise that he will soon be roundly mocked by his minions.
Performed by Lydia White (Catherine) and Mike Hibbert (Henry)

Leave Him Be (live piano version)

Catherine of Aragon confronts Anne Boleyn and warns her to stay away from the King.
Performed by Liberty Anstead (Catherine) and Lydia White (Anne)

What’s Going On? (live piano version)

Hearing rumours that the King is having an affair, Catherine of Aragon challenges Henry to name his mistress.
Performed by Liberty Anstead (Catherine) and Joe McNally (Henry)

Wait and See (live piano version)

After years of waiting, Anne Boleyn begins to wonder if she will ever be with Henry.
Performed by Lydia White (Anne)

Your Daughter Mary

Jane Seymour implores her husband to bring his daughter Mary back into the family fold.
Performed by Lydia White (Jane) and Joe McNally (Henry)

Now That You’re Gone (live piano version)

Jane gives Henry the son he craves but fate is cruel and she dies soon after childbirth. A broken Henry wonders how he’ll continue.
Performed by Joe McNally (Henry)

Good Riddance

Henry is not enamoured with Anne of Cleves when he meets her in person for the first time, and he makes his feelings clear. Anne makes her feelings clear too…
Performed by Lydia White (Anne)

More Bearable

The ailing Henry is on his deathbed and is comforted by his last wife, Katherine Parr.
Performed by Lydia White (Katherine)

Henry’s Nightmare – seven part version

Henry is tormented by nightmares in which he dreams that his six wives confront him for his misdeeds. The climactic song of the musical builds to a dramatic seven-part harmony.
Performed by Liberty Anstead (Catherine of Aragon), Lydia White (Anne Boleyn), Aimee Roe (Jane Seymour), Amelia James-Phillips (Anne of Cleves), Elysia Wells (Kathryn Howard), Issy Bright (Katherine Parr), and Mike Hibbert (Henry).

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