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Performance Licence for Henry VIII The Musical

Licence conditions

Pure Musicals Ltd standard licence grants permission for the original purchaser of this set of digital downloads from to publicly perform part or all of Henry VIII the Musical a combined total of 3 times. 

The licence is for use by amateur theatre groups (e.g. schools, youth theatres) only. If any actors are paid for their performance, a professional licence will need to be requested by contacting us at

Any rendition of this production – or the use of materials associated with it, including the lyrics, full vocal and instrumental tracks and scores, and backing tracks – in front of an audience counts as a performance.

Rehearsals do not count as performances unless they are witnessed by an audience other than people directly involved in the show, such as actors or production crew.

To purchase a licence for additional performances, please visit:

Crediting the Creators

The name of the production, its website and its creators: “Henry VIII The Musical by Paul Harris and Eddie Copeland” must be displayed on all forms of advertising and promotional material, including, but not limited to posters, programmes and websites. 


This licence includes permission to make one and only one video of the performance. This excludes the right to broadcast the performance (live or from a video recording) or to distribute recordings or live performances via the internet. 

Members of the audience are not permitted to make videos of a performance. Such videos constitute an actionable breach of copyright. Enforcement of this prohibition is the responsibility of the organisation performing the musical.