More Bearable

  • More Bearable - Henry VIII The Musical

More Bearable – Performance / audition song for female soloist

More Bearable is a moving female solo piece that features the last of Henry VIII’s wives, Katherine Parr, comforting the ailing King in his old age. As ill health afflicts him, Katherine takes on the role of nurse, caring for Henry while all around him his enemies crowd in on the attack.

Listen to this song being performed here:

What you get

When you purchase More Bearable, you will receive the following files to download:
1) The full vocal and instrumental track (MP3)
2) The full backing track (MP3)
3) The lyrics (PDF)
4) The vocal and instrumental score (PDF)
5) A performance licence to perform the song up to 5 times (PDF). (A separate licence can be purchased for additional performances).

  • Full vocal and instrumental track MP3
  • Full backing track MP3
  • Lyrics PDF
  • Vocal and instrumental score PDF
  • Performance licence 5 performances